12 May, 2012

Remotely prepping the bike

I'm sure all of you have experienced mail-order.
Now the thing is I'm living in Bangkok and my trip will start from Vancouver where I'll get the bike from Pacific Motorsports

So the challenge is to make sure everything will be in order when I arrive there an start driving north into British Columbia.
The bike is ordered and will be delivered in June, you might wonder what it'll look like, well here it is.

Cool uh? 
And here's what I intend to fit it with:

Touratech adjustable/folding gear lever
Touratech front brake reservoir guard
Touratech rear brake reservoir guard
Touratech polycarbonate headlight guard
Touratech windscreen (048-0370)
Touratech skid plate extension (048-0182)
Guard-it Technology Crashbars
Guard-it Technology Bashplate
Barkbusters VPS Kit hand guard
Wunderlich/Touratech radiator guard
Wunderlich/Touratech side stand enlarger
Tank bag (Giant Loop Fandango)
Guard-it Technology Rear Rack
Metal Mule Kit (F800GS 38L System with balanced frame and steel exhaust)
Metal Mule Balanced panniers frame and rear rack
Metal Mule Exhaust system (stainless stell)
Metal Mule MAX pannier (2 * 38L powder coated)
Caribou Kit (F800GS 36L System with "lock-it" removable racks)
Caribou: 2 * Pelican Storm iM2600 cases
Caribou: Quick attach & release mounts
Caribou: Hepco Becker lock-it racks

So the above is basically what's needed to make sure that the bike'll withstand the use and abuse of that long trip.
Some might have noticed there's two luggage systems in there, I haven't decided yet and it'll come down to pricing ...!

Future updates will probably be on the gadgets, camping gear and clothes. Then I should be ready in terms of gear. My bank account will be begging for me to stop anyway at that stage.


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