13 June, 2012

It's getting real

The bike has been delivered in Vancouver, I'm leaving Thailand next Monday and will be in Vancouver in a bit more than 10 days ... god it's getting real!

I still have a bazillion things to prepare, of course but the excitement of the beginning of the trip will help to make it happen on time. Currently I have with me:
- A pair of gloves
- A towel
- 2 dry bags
- A duvet

So what else do I need, really? A GPS, half a dozen Snickers bars, the bike and a tank full of gas? That should be fine!



  1. i will wish you safe journey

  2. I hope you will get some flames painted on the tank, something fancy... something that shows who's coming in town when you're arriving somewhere... I guess you got your bike suit with the Golden Eagle in the back as well.
    In addition to what you alredady have, you need, either a Beyond Platinum VISA Card or lots of American Express Travellers Checks !