18 July, 2012

Day 13, 496km: Can't stop driving!

It rained hard all night so I was happy I chose to stay in a cabin and not camp last night.
But I was kind of worried as this was day 13 ... so I drove extra carefully the whole day!

Uhhh ok?
I drove east, parallel to the interstate, trying to enjoy the backroads. There are 800km from Coeur d'Alene to Yellowstone, I planed to do it in two days and sleep somewhere in the middle.

Going up Coeur d'Alene river road...!
The roads were really nice and I had sunny weather for most of the day.

The Thompson Pass
Eventually reached the "Flathead Indian Reservation". Maybe because of the reserve, there were "casinos" in literally every little town on the way. Most saying poker tables.

No more trees?
For most of the way across the reserve the landscape was as above, no trees! Did they cut them all off?

Was greeted by this weather entering Montana
When I saw the clouds above, I still have 40km to reach the next town with lodging. So I thought I had to brace myself for the rain. And that's a complex task! First, close the 8 air vents on the jacket. Next, the 4 air vents on the pants. Change gloves (I bought $9 fishing gloves which do the job very well) and pack-up the boots (I didn't buy waterproof boots, maybe that was a mistake but I like the comfort of breathable boots).

Latest fashion from Paris
I kind of like my boots like this. Maybe I should have asked for Leopard motif? Anyway I continued on my way, ready for the rain.
The temperature dropped from 32deg C (that was a hot day...) to 15deg C in about 20 min. The wind started blowing strongly.

But .. but ... I didn't get showered! Damn. That could have cleaned the bike and jacket! I almost wanted to get rain.

So anyway now I'm next to Butte in a cheap (Accor!) motel and will go to Yellowstone today. I planned to stay 2 days there but I'm struggling to find accomodation right now ... we'll see where I end up!

Have a great day everyone,


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  2. Duss avec un D comme Duss19 July, 2012 01:59

    Roger, la Conoco est effectivement une sous filiale de supersboobontheflex Inc.. n hésite pas a dire que tu nous connais, ils te feront le pare brise gratos voire plus si aff...

  3. Ca a tout simplement l air magnifique! Profites en pour nous tous :)

  4. Je vais me renseigner pour les parapluies ... merci a tous ;)