06 July, 2012

Day 1, 612km: The uncontrolled half day trip

Hello there,

Those who know me know very well how hard it is for me to wake up. On weekends, there is no hope seeing me before 10am and wait until noon to make sure you have an answer if you talk to me.
Now I have witnessed something interesting, each and every time I go on a motorcycle trip I am able to wake up.

Naturally I have come to the conclusion that the bike has an effect on my day/night cycle, possibly through chemicals released by the tires or the exhaust. I think that's the only plausible conclusion.
That or excitement.

And there was a lot of excitement this morning, I wanted to make a round-trip to Whistler, site of the Winter Olympics 2010. Not that I care about hockey (I hope no Canadians will hear me say that). Simply that the Twisties Theorem states that Mountains = Curves = Fun. What was supposed to be a 200km loop turned into a 600km ride across two valleys.

Worth it!
It started with a short visit of downtown Vancouver. I didn't take pictures of it, but it's a very pretty town, organized around the sea. The objective of the day was to make sure all was okay with the bike. Well I found out that my fuel gauge doesn't work so that was worth checking. Plus the road was great.

Going up the Horsheshoe bay, BC, HW99

Snow in the distance. We're in July
The road was perfect, lots of curves and hills. The bike feels good too! Certainly heavier than the ER6N I drove in Bangkok but manageable (note of the editor: we'll see about that once you've added all your luggage dumbass).

Whistler Olympic Village in Summer
Whistler Olympic Village
I stopped there for lunch. Second time since I'm here that people ask my ID ... do I look like I'm 20? Guess people will take me seriously once I have a dirty beard and long hair. The previous time I've been asked what at the "Jaguar Pub" in Vancouver. That place was as you'd imagine a Canadian pub. Country music, waitress well in her fifties with a long gone beauty, regulars at the counter joking in a strong accent over their pint and the random lost French guy with a huge grin.

So back to Whistler, that looked like a nice mountain resort to me. I'll leave to the appreciation of the Annecy crew the validity of this fact. Leaving the town, I had two options. Going back to Vancouver, 100km. Or venturing further in the mountains and getting back to Vancouver after that. On the GPS that looked like 250km. Turned out to be 500km. Tomorrow I'm buying a map :)

With so much driving I had to stop for Montclair. Bangkok fine wine lovers will appreciate.
400km of this ... :-)

The cockpit

Photographic talent at its best. Sun glare, crappy hair, subject occupies 10% of the frame and doesn't look at the camera 

I was hoping before starting the trip that travelling alone would help meeting people. Well it does! Fellow motorcycle drivers first, but also random people who are curious about that guy driving alone.
So after that day in the mountains I'm back in Vancouver. Last night at the hotel and tomorrow I really start the "adventure" part. Heading north to Yukon!

Now and that is completely unrelated, I need your help on two things.
- The bike needs a name
- I'd like to get a big sticker on the panniers (the luggage cases) what should be on it?

Please leave your ideas in the comments :)
Take care,


  1. Alllez, Mont Clair represents!!!!!
    Looks like you had a nice Montain trip already... Laready a remake of Brokeback mountain, cowboy???

    Bikes' name: BABALOU

  2. the sticker: I managed to escape from Video Games
    Bike's name: the Pornstar. It's naked, dirty, and gets ridden hard in stupid positions not practical for daily life...


  3. Tib deu'ch'Nord06 July, 2012 01:52

    Can't believe that you didn't bring this sticker with you:

  4. Je me suis quand meme surprise a prendre une grande respiration en regardant tes photos... Comme si moi aussi je respirais le grand air ! Canon canonissime !!!
    Le sticker? "Like a boss". Je ne vois que ca ...
    Mollo sur le Montclair !

  5. Perso je vote pour Micheline!
    Ca marche à la vapeur et au charbon non?
    Sinon un prenom a consonance hispanique?

    Pour le sticker: "TALK TO ME, I TRAVEL ALONE"


  6. Glad to meet you at Pacific Motosports yesterday. And yes you look very young...hence the asking for ID. I hope you have a very safe trip, that your bike treats you well and enjoy your 6 months of freedom. I hope you decide to tackle the Dempster Highway in the Yukon and get up the Dalton. Change your tires and all is good. I will be checking in and be safe. Again really nice to meet you!