16 July, 2012

Day 11, 585km: First day of rain

Last night I setup camp with a storm coming. It was still raining when I fell asleep, I was worried that I had messed up my setup one way or another and would wake up in a bathtub.
So I hung up important stuff inside the tent and tried putting things off the ground. Better be safe than sorry.

And safe I was! I awoke dry and warm (nested sleeping bags for the win). I was actually woken up by the voice of a child (probably 5 or 6) on the camping site next to mine.

"Daddy, he's still sleeping. I want to see his bike start... Why won't he wake up? You don't deserve to ride a bike if you sleep late like this, right daddy?"

Hey get lost you kid! Saturday and Sunday is my weekend so I sleep in the morning, okay? You think it's though going to school everyday to pick your nose and draw shitty houses that don't even look like houses because you're too goofy with your hands to draw properly? Screw you! You'll talk to me once you've driven 500km everyday for 10 days.

Now obviously I didn't say that. I would maybe have replied "Hey kid, there are two important things in life. Not being judgmental and asking when you don't know. You don't know why I'm sleeping so don't assume that's because I'm lazy. Ok kid? Good, now get lost."

Instead I continued to sleep because it was still raining, still early and I kind of hoped for the rain to stop so I could pack my stuff in peace.

Well it didn't stop raining
So eventually I decided to start packing and left with lots of my stuff wet. You don't really want to be carrying a wet tent and tarp when camping. 
I was headed in a general southward direction (you'll hear that often in the next few months) with the intention of crossing the Canadian Rockies for the last time.

Like this for most of the day
To stay positive, now the bike is clean, my gear is clean. Although my gloves and boots are quite wet.
I went through the same roads as day 5 (highway 93). It rained for most of the way. Stopped in Jasper as I was hoping to find boot gaiters (des guetres) to keep my feet dry. I didn't find any so I went for the plan B: plastic bags + rubber bands to keep them over the boots. That did the job very well.
Met Manu there, a French who's been in Jasper for 7 years. Was fun hearing him say "Man I see so many motorcycle riders on their way to and from Alaska here, I want to do the same now!" well just do it!

5-6pm an hour of break from the rain
Going along the same highway as day 5 I realized how lucky I was to have sunny weather for almost everyday of my trip in Canada. That would have sucked not being able to enjoy the valley with weather like above.

Although the clouds and fog created some nice views at times
Eventually I reached the city of Radium Hot Springs (will see tomorrow why "Radium"!). Took a hotel there as it was still raining when I arrived. Have to dry up the tent! This shall be my last night in Canada, tomorrow I'm crossing into USA via the "Crowsnest Highway" which has been heavily recommended by many riders. Hope it will be sunny! Hope I won't have any problems at the border too ...

Fog over the river. Temperature all day long: 12-15deg C
Met Donald today here in Radium Hot Springs, an American from California (though he prefers to say he's from Montana!) who's riding into Alaska on his 1200GS. Former engineer! So you can imagine his bike has got all the coolest, latest and nicest stuff. Had dinner and a drink to celebrate the last day in Canada.

Tomorrow, off to USA!

That's all for now, have a great week everyone, miss you all!

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  1. How come your boots aren't water proof? Tough you knew that it is kind of mandatory after the "crossing river in laddak"?
    Was nice talking to you last Saturday, willow and I lost ourselves on our way back from phayao in some dirt roads. Seeing the rain coming I started remember our trip with tom in chiang rai and the painful mud road under rain. Anyway all went well. The BM club says hi BTW ;-)
    Enjoy US!