17 July, 2012

Day 12, 540km: Into USA

Today was going to be my last day in Canada! Woke up in Radium Hot Springs. Named after Radon, a decay product of Radium which is found in the hot springs water!

Objective of the day was to drive along the highway 3 for a while then cross into USA (Washington state) and sleep in Idaho.

Remember the movie final destination? Scares me each time I see a logging truck
The road 3 was very nice, thanks a lot to John I met in Calgary for giving me this tip!

Nice curvy mountain road
Eventually reached the border crossing at Nelway. The formalities were actually quite easy and simple!

Told me they see 10 people a day on average ... !
So in 5 minutes I crossed, without the need to show any papers for the bike, I was quite surprised by that. Hope that all border crossings will be that easy!

Nelway border crossing, US side
I have to admit that being on the US side didn't change much! Same forest, same roads, same cars and same villages. Although I was feeling a big difference, first border crossing was done, one country checked!

In Washington, going down the rockies to Idaho
Although there were a few things that were different.
Notably, the CONOCO. It guess it stands for Cono Corporation. Julien, Laurent, you didn't tell us you setup your own business in USA? How is it going?

Plus gas is cheap here! $/gallon
I would like to dedicate my destination for today to Aline and Helene. If you eventually marry each other, that should happen in this small little town. I saw the name of the town when the plane from New York to Vancouver flew over it two weeks ago and thought it was cool.
It was fun coming back to that spot!

Welcome to Coeur d'Alene!
The day ended up with rain again so I stayed in a small cabin on a camp site. I'm writing this from the campsite lobby as we speak so that's why today's update is a bit rushed ...
Now I'm going in the general direction of Yellowstone, not sure where I'll stay yet! Hope there'll be no rain tonight.

As a bonus to make up for the short update, below is the actual map of the travel I've done in Canada, as taken from my GPS.

Canada, actual travel path
Hope you have a great day everyone!
Miss you all,

PS: Some numbers for Canada
- 6205km
- 12 days
- 280L of gas (1.8 barrels...!)
- 5 beers (Savings!)
- 4 times in a restaurant (Another saving!)
- 4 nights in the tent (I have to improve that ...!)


  1. Nicolas Grunberg17 July, 2012 14:18

    Salut Guillaume !
    Really nice writing style. It's really cool to get news from you. I see that you setup an impressive challenge here ;-) Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Have a great road, and enjoy!
    See ya.

  2. El Gringo! Comment va l'ami? Merci du message ;)

  3. Hey dis... Au Coeur d'Alene il n'y a pas d'hotel, tout le monde dort a la belle etoile et boit du vin avec de la roquette a l'huile de truffe ??? Bises khun Guigui !!!

  4. C'est ca, et de la musique des annees 80 a fond dans toutes les rues!