21 July, 2012

Day 17, 770km: Into Utah

Hello everyone,

Writing to you from Salt Lake City's campsite (KOA) which is really cool with WiFi everywhere. Thought it's hot, probably still 30degC right now at 11pm.

The whole day was hot anyway, with a few (welcomed) showers in the evening. And that was a long day, with the most kilometers in a day so far.

Hey Le Saint crew, here O'Reilly is an auto parts chain - and an IT books publisher!
So I took off from Powell (anonymous you'll probably enjoy knowing that I missed the breakfast, which closed at 9am) and headed south. Mission of the day: go across Wyoming, basically.

Most of the road was exactly as above. So keeping my eyes opened was a bit of a challenge sometimes. Luckily the ferocious wind helped me stay awake, with gusts that would swing me from one side of the road to the other. Sometimes too close to the ditch to my liking...!

So naturally the 8000km mark was soon broken
At times the road crossed small mountain ranges, hopefully. This range below in particular had really amazing colors. It was a bit cloudy so the picture doesn't really do justice to the place. Hope you'll still like it!

Cool isn't it? See the road at the bottom? It was nice indeed :D
The Wind river canyon if I remember correctly
Met Ken from Oregon on the way, he was headed for Colorado on his Ducati Multistrada. Cool bike! He tipped me off on the "Altantic City South Pass" which was parallel to the highway I was on, a basically a dirt road crossing a few abandoned mines and villages. Pretty cool.

Abandoned mine, though with an RV parked in front...?
So I got the chance to practice riding on the dirt a bit more. It was nicely packed, not as loose as the road I fell on in Canada. Although I have to admit I didn't go beyond 3rd gear!

Stand on the pegs, look far away ... ok, confidence is coming back
So this road eventually reached a "town" or rather former town, which sole purpose now seems to be accommodating the rare tourists that would wander here. I.e. a coffee shop was all there was.

They keep a good sense of humor! (read the sign)
After that I was back on long stretches of road across the prairies, with wind gusts that scared me more than once.

That particular straight line went on for ... 40km!
I saw my first "dust-ball" crossing the road! Made of the  kind of grass you see above.
Somewhere in the middle of it a (I think) refinery
The smell of that refinery above was really horrible. Plus the wind was blowing from there towards me so I could enjoy it for a few kilometers. No idea what they're doing in there but that smell was horrible.

So anyway I eventually made it to Salt Lake City, where I met Carmen and Mickael at the camp ground, 2 Germans going on their BMW from ... Vancouver to ... Ushuaia! Although they have close to a year to do that trip. I'm sure they have a website, I'll ask them tomorrow and link it here.

Tomorrow's objective: go to Bonneville Flats (salt lake where they did all the speed records), get suspenders for my riding pants, get stickers for the bike! If time allows, drive to Arches National Park.

See you all, hope you enjoyed your weekend.


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  1. Aren't you going to fast now, although missing breakfast at 9am ?... Utah it's already half of the US travelled from North to South... It's amazing the number of miles you can travel a day even though I try to slow you down by asking you subnet diagrams.... -:)