23 July, 2012

Day 19, 125km: Arches National Park

So if you remember day 18, you know that I had no idea where my camera was. And also that there was another thing.

The second thing I would come to realize in the morning was that I setup my tent right next to the camp's water sprinkler system. I arrived at night and could see a few trees on my campsite so I decided to setup camp near one, hoping it would provide shadow the next day. Little did I know that trees are watered by an automated system here. The inside of the tent didn't get wet but it was strange waking up and hearing rain just on one side of the tent!

So I moved the tent a little, away from the sprinklers. The next thing that was on my mind that day was to find  my camera. So I did once more what I did the night before. Looked into every single bag and piece of clothing. No camera. That sucked. I had really no mood to go anywhere and thought I would try the last spot where I took a picture but there wouldn't be much chance.

In a last hope I patted my pants thinking it might be inside, somehow. And it was! The camera had managed to put itself between the layers of the pant. I probably put it into a vent instead of a pocket at some point. So I had my camera! Life was great and I was ready to go anywhere again.
Now you might say that of course it was the "last hope" since I found it! You might add that I would for sure have looked for it even further. Probably.

Anyway, the night before I talked briefly with my neighbors Jacob and Kathleen who are moving from South Carolina to California. They rightly thought that doing it travelling would be more enjoyable than flying. They also carry a bike, a KLR650 so we took off today this morning for Arches National Park.

First photo I took in the morning. This one is NEVER going to be deleted from my camera.
Thanks to everyone (Guillaume F!) who recommended me Arches park, it was awesome. Incredible landscape.

First "big rock" I saw, nothing to get the scale here sorry. Probably 300m high.
The park is nicely organized again, with a main road that's maybe 40km and sightings/hikes on both sides of it.

I'm in two contests with this photo: shittiest photo & hobo look
Oh and totally unrelated but I think anonymous deserves something today too (though yesterday wasn't bad...) this morning while making a coffee I realized that the instant coffee I bought in Canada 3 weeks ago was actually decaffeinated. Plus it tastes really bad.

Below I'm just going to add pictures of the park, not much to say apart that it was 35 degrees and that I was wearing jacket, pants, gloves, helmet boots. Drank 4 liters of water in 3 hours.

Another panorama from   http://www.dermandar.com/ although this one is very distorted
A lonely rock
They're not rocks Marie, they're minerals
The tiny dots you see down the curve are trees
I think that one was called "Window"
Rocks sometime took the shape of huge caverns
And sometime that of pillars
The northern end of the park
Was the start of a 10km hike. I did maybe one and came back, you need proper shoes and clothes to do that with the heat ...
Last view of the park before leaving
After the park, Jacob recommended we go in the hills near Moab as he red about a trail/national park in that area where we could try to use our heavy bikes are dirt bikes. That was called Sand Flats road.

It was a good training I guess, plus Jacob is more experienced and gave me good tips!
And also very fun, reminded me of that time in Chiang Rai where we rented KLX250 and struggled up/down hills in the muddy road. That in a dry, 38 degrees C version with an extra 100kg for the bike. Exhausting!

It was fun going on these roads with the bike :D
Then back at the campsite for a bit of rest! Tomorrow I'm heading to Canyonlands National Park which features ... a Canyon! How did you guess? Then in a general southeast ward to Glen Canyon and Brice Canyon. So basically tomorrow is Canyon day.

Cheers everyone, hope you are all doing fine!
Miss you guys,

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