28 July, 2012

Day 23, 75km: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Hello everyone,

I'm alive! Made it through two nights in Las Vegas. So now you can tell me who did bet that I wouldn't make it and much they lost.

Been there, done that
So the objective for the day were to get stickers, a helmet camera (say, GoPro) and stay alive despite the 44 degrees C heat. Mission successful! I had a long, lazy morning in the comfort of the air conditioned motel room, feels good man.

Got my stickers done! Zoom in to see my MS Paint skills in their full glory
Went over to 4AD Images http://www.4adimages.com/ which I found through my dear friend Google. They helped me immediately although they were busy on other stuff and the result it very cool! Thanks again guys.
So I got my stickers done, finally. Did them in (possibly broken) Spanish and English. Now that I upped my marketing, the free drinks and accommodation will start rolling in. Or so I hope.

Next I went for a walk along "The Strip" with all the famous casinos, it was really cool. Looks of tourists actually, I was there before sunset and Vice City's demons were still asleep. So I thought it would be a good time to try that camera.

So here's a clip showing the strip from its southern end up to its northern end. I hope you enjoy it, I'll try to improve the framing and back-lighting next time.
It was nice to have a long day of rest and do very little driving.

So what happened at night then? Well first, no gambling. At all! I know this might sound crazy, being in Las Vegas. I don't have many principles but this is one I hold dear. So my visit of the nearby casinos (Luxor, Caesars Palace) went in a similar fashion to my national parks visits. Zooming between places and trying to see as much as I could.

These places are BIG. Not like American big, more like Las Vegas fabulously big. There are dozens of gambling rooms and bars in each. And that's were all the people were. The streets were almost empty but these places were packed. Probably because it was Friday night, too. I didn't realize before entering but people basically live there. In Luxor there was a mall, a wedding chapel, a dozen restaurants and a dozen bars. Amazing. Near the game tables and slot machines there were several "no photos" signs so I didn't take any photo ... I think I could probably have sneaked some but didn't want to get thrown out.

So visiting these two places was like being on a high speed train that would get into people's houses. Very different crowds between the slot machines floors (most depressing thing I've seen with zombies and their buckets of tokens) and the gaming tables floors. I didn't stop much, I guess the place is better enjoyed drunk. Oh and drinks are free when you play! Although people tip the waitress, like $1 each glass.
So I didn't play or drink, although I have to say that some of the waitresses had very convincing "arguments", I held on.

Still, it was fun for me, it was like visiting a zoo. I guess I was scared of the gambling+drink beast and preferred to see it through the bars of its cage. Maybe I shouldn't have done my accounting the morning before, too. So that was a quiet, sightseeing kind of night in Vegas. I know anonymous will be disappointed I didn't end up thrown out of a Casino after having puked over half a dozen octogenarians at the slot machines but that's the way it is!

Now today is 10,000km service day, then crossing the death valley to end up sleeping somewhere near Owens Lake, California!

Have a great weekend everyone,


  1. you are looking amazing with bike and suit,secondly congratulation for make it till vegas.i like video shoot you did on bike in vegas
    keep going and drive safe.

    1. Hello Nitin! Glad to know you're reading and enjoying it ;) Hope all is going fine for you.

      Take care,

  2. Gui, I know that your family is reading the post but why lying on the "quiet" night you had in Vegas. In Bangkok nobody believes this post. ;-)