08 July, 2012

Day 4, 93km: Day of the Lord

Live from the Rockyview hotel again :)

Not much action today, spent the day preparing for the trip to Yukon. While preparing the route I realized that I'm going to be 50km from the Alaskan border at some point so I'm going there!
Bought a few things at Canadian Tyre (camping stuff), London Drugs (electronics) and Safeway (food). Yeah Canadians have weird names for their supermarket. 

Then after doing my laundry (5 years with a maid turned me helpless in front of a washing machine, so ... eh, adventure!) and accounting (I'm turning poor slightly faster than expected, I have to see if I can get the VAT on some items back when leaving Canada) I left for Calgary, to try and visit the city a bit.

Headed first to the Stampede as recommended yesterday, to find that the entrance and parking were $41 and rodeo tickets sold out. I guess I shouldn't have done my accounting before going there. So I decided to visit downtown Calgary instead. This is what it looked like for the curious.

Where is everyone?
So it seemed everyone was at the Stampede. That or a deadly, fast spreading virus struck the city and I was one of the few survivors wandering the streets.

This reminds me of something...
To be honest as much as I liked Vancouver, Calgary doesn't have much charm. Maybe I was in the wrong area, I don't know but the city tour was quickly over.
Headed back to Cochrane and decided to take a little detour and try a bit the bike on dirt road, since all my gear was at the hotel I thought that'd be an easier trial.

Looks like she's in her element
I was very prudent (off-road experience limited to 250cc bikes so far...!) and trying to get a feeling of the bike's weight and behavior on the dirt. I'm going to continue short "trainings" like that before I reach unmissable trails.

So that was a quiet and relaxing day here, the day of the Lord (sans bourbon near the chimney but the heat in my hotel room made up for that).
Tomorrow morning early service of the bike then heading north to Jasper, Alberta. Mountain roads, yeah :)

Have a great week everyone,


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  2. how are you doing with the heat and your Badlands suit?

  3. @Marc, thanks! I've been using www.buxfer.com for almost 2 years, I can't really recall why I chose it over Mint but there was a reason at the time! :)

    @Leslie, the jacket is great, good ventilation, good pockets and I quickly forget I'm wearing it. The pants on the other hand I feel aren't on par. Cooling is only effective when standing on the bike (maybe it's the bike, maybe it's me but that's how it is ...!) so it gets pretty hot especially in the boots.

  4. same here...we have the Latitude, rode in 38.5 temps at times today. Jacket and pants not good at that heat but then again what is...but pants vent standing so I kept standing up to get some air...Jacket could use forearm vents but did OK in temps 33 and lower. Pretty good for Gore Tex though...stay safe and continue having fun!