04 August, 2012

Day 31, 427km: High time to learn Spanish

Hola senor, buenos dias.

These were my first words in Spanish, probably pronounced with a barely understandable accent. They were for the customs officer who asked me to open one of my panniers at the "aduana", just to make sure that both weren't full of cash, weapons or whatever.

Here we go
After the customs I went to do the temporary vehicle import paperwork so that I could get insurance. The insurance was probably a rip-off as I paid slightly over US$60 for 3 weeks of liability coverage. That was after bargaining the price down from US$110. (Update I've looked for quotes online and apparently that's a normal price...).

So anyway doing this and sometimes struggling since I don't speak a word of Spanish I realized that I left the comfort of an English country. And left it for good since it's all Spanish speaking down there (well until I'm in Brazil). Now my top priority is to learn Spanish, simple as that. Struggling to order food, check-in a hotel or make small talk was amusing today but I have a feeling that won't be fun anymore after a few days/weeks.

Left, USA. Right, Mexico. Reminds me of the wall between Israel and Palestine...
 I didn't spend much time in Tijuana, just enough to do the paperwork. It looked like any border town, with the addition of the tourism effect. After asking a taxi where was the nearest ATM and him telling me that was at the other end of the city (but he could show me the way for a few dineros) I decided that I had enough of this town and its bullshit so I headed south on the Mexico Highway 1, down to Baja California.

Is the land really more Mexican?
Ok indeed I'm in Mexico
 I've seen maybe 3 or 4 huge flags like this one in small cities along the highway. Reminded me of the enormous flag at the Korean DMZ.

Bufadera seen from the hills
 Nabil recommended me to go to Bufadera so that's where I had lunch. It's a small fishing city (or used to be) with a nice little street going to the sea. It being Saturday, there were quite a lot of people!

Mexican wineyards
 Most of the way south along the pacific was across vast (sometime absolutely enormous) farms. Pretty uneventful.

Time to open this book
Now I'm stopped at the small town of El Rosario (I think) in a motel (which costs half of what I paid to camp last night). Tomorrow I will cross Baja California towards the east and the Gulf of Mexico.

Buenas noche a todos!

Hope you had a great weekend,

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