06 August, 2012

Day 33, 490km: Down Baja California Sur

Today started in a small hotel on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. Isn't that cool? A day can start in ways far worse.

For example, it could start with your alarm clock ringing at 6am, your eyes difficulty opening because you slept late the night before. Then a rush of adrenaline when you realize an hour later that you fell back asleep, are still in bed and will be late to your meeting. Memories.

Since we're talking about it (I'm not talking alone, right guys? ... Guys?) a short note on my waking up process. When camping it's quite simple I wake up when the sun is up so usually around 6am. Usually I sleep one more hour before the activity and noise in the campground/nearby expressway wakes me up for good.
When in a hotel, it's a totally different process. I wake up when I wake up.

So today it was around 9am. Had a good breakfast which was one more step in reconciling me with Mexican food (I ran afoul of it at Los Cabos, Bangkok - just checked their website and they are now closed! Haha! Flawless victory!).

Nice views along the coast
Many small beaches like the one above
 The coast felt like it hasn't seen much activity or development yet, which was really nice. No huge condominium bars nor walls of beachfront hotels. Rather, natural landscapes and quiet beaches. Feels good!

A "river"
 Now there's something where I need explanation. All (without exception) bridges I've seen going across rivers in Baja California are like the one above. A dry riverbed and no trace of water. I guess there's a rainy season at some point. I tried asking one guy in a shop "porque las rivieras no tiene agua" (yes that's absolutely catastrophico). I'm not sure if he understood me or not since I had no idea what he replied.
So the mystery of Baja Californian rivers remains.

Small outpost along the highway
 Most of the day was again pretty uneventful. Not many cities, long distances between "settlements" and generally not much human interaction!

A town in the middle of a 77km nightmare
 And then finally something happened. Or rather didn't happen. No curves happened. For 77km. This breaks the previous record of a 57km straight line established on day 18 near Salt Lake City.

This straight line was so long there even was a town in the middle of it! Pictured above.

Then suddenly, a curve! Christ!
 So the above was a blessing. It didn't appear suddenly at all, as you've guessed. Rather it was first a distant mirage, glimmers of hope of a curve. Then it materialized into an elegant turn on the pavement, that led to further straight lines ...

Another cacti forest
 These things grow really tall. I was surprised to see some reaching maybe 6m high. So there really was forests of cacti along the way.
Eventually reached La Paz. I didn't really plan where to sleep here so I headed to the city center and the beach road. There were many hotels, La Paz is a relatively big city (around 60,000 says wikipedia).
I was looking for a hotel slightly shitty to keep the price down but still with a private parking lot and Wifi.

So naturally when I saw that "Nuevo Pekin" had a carpark I thought that was the perfect place. The owners are actually from Guangzhou!

Exquisite decoration at all floors
As you can see above, the place is decorated in Chinese style. There is even a Chinese restaurant downstairs that I'll try for breakfast I think.

So apart from crossing the desert once more, today I still did a few things. Booked my journey from La Paz to Mazatlan via ferry for Thursday, and booked a nice hotel for 2 nights in Cabo San Lucas, 200km south of La Paz (the southern tip of Baja California).
Tomorrow I'll pickup the ferry tickets, head south to Cabo San Lucas where I intend to DO NOTHING AND REST.
I realized that my last (and first) day of rest was Day18 and my back is imploring me to take another one.

La Paz by night ... 
Hope you're all having a great week.
Don't hesitate to leave comments it's always nice knowing there's someone reading the nonsense above.



  1. Moi j'ai lu :) En gros c'était un désert chiant! Bon à savoir! Pas bon de visiter la basse Californie on dirait!

    1. C'est le talent de Guillaume que de savoir deux pages sur un desert chiant... c'est louable !

    2. Les photos aident au remplissage! :)