08 August, 2012

Day 34, 175km: Learning Spanish

Hello all,

Yesterday was a short day. Feels good.
Picked-up my ferry tickets in the morning and headed south to Cabo San Lucas.

It was a short day, short ride to the next hotel. So along the way (listening to the mix prepared by Aline and Laurent, muy gracias) I started having fun with the road signs. I'll share with you my translations so we can all learn Spanish together.

"Ne pas tirer sur les voitures"
"Let the creative genius in you fill-in the blanks"
"Prochain retour a 200 metres"
"Cedez le camping a Luc"
"Double electric guitars forbidden"
"No pointing at trucks"
"For your safety drive carefully" Sadly I think this one I got right.
"Charles Isidore en solo pour le repassage" (This one I seriously have no idea of its meaning)
"Interdit de dejeuner sobre sur la chaussee" (Drunk it's ok)
"I'm obsessed by signals"
"Principalement des tramways en reparation a 200 metres"
Cabo San Lucas Marina
So anyway. Lazy day, I can be lazy with the blog update too, right?
Made it too Cabo San Lucas which is actually a nice little seaside city complete with its marina, beach and cruise boats.
Lots of bars (including down my hotel room) and restaurants, very lively. Good place to spend a couple days. Lots of tourists too but well that's the game.

FIRST French car I see in 34 days. A Renault Kangoo!
So that was it. Checked-in, did the laundry, accounting, shopping and generally all the errands so that tomorrow I can enjoy a full day of nothingness.
I thought I would go and see the whales (as apparently they're many in the region) but it's not even the good season for that. So tomorrow my objectives are NONE. A full day of rest. That'll be great.



  1. Es tu sûr d'avoir emporté le bon cours d'espagnol?.... Bon, enfin,tu as encore du boulot ...Cela dit, j'ai bien commencé ma journée, merci pour cette séquence de langues appliquées.

  2. I think that sign it's more like "Double electric guitars ALLOWED"

    Saludos Guillaume.