13 August, 2012

Day 38, 40km: Visiting Guadalajara

After this Mezcal tasting night, waking up at 9am for a football match was out of the question. We emerged much later than that and after a Mexican breakfast (we'd call that lunch anywhere else, excellent but heavy!) I set-off for a quick visit of downtown Guadalajara.

The city is actually the second most populated of Mexico with 5 millions people for the area in 2009 according to Wikipedia. The historical district was well preserved with lots of buildings from the 19th century. I went there on a Sunday so there were lots of people visiting and shopping in the downtown district.

I shot the video below which I hope will give you an idea of what's its like being over there.

Left the district before the rain came in and came back to Bruno's place. Had dinner with Denis and him and went off to bed early as I would go to Mexico City the next day!

I have to say that my reconciliation with Mexican food is now complete, we had some great tacos and other meals which name I forgot, sorry about that! The only imperative if you want to eat Mexican is to be REALLY hungry.
These avocado tacos will stay in my memory!

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