15 August, 2012

Day 40, 0km: Rest

New week starting in Mexico City, after arriving on Sunday. I hadn't much objectives for the day, simply updating this blog, doing the accounting and stuff.

Went for a short walk outside Erwan's appartment in the afternoon. 

Nice neighborhood in Roma Norte
 The district of Roma Norte is host to many bars, restaurants and offices buildings. All this in streets and avenues such as the one above, quite nice actually.
I didn't expect that from Mexico City and it's a good surprise. I didn't get to see any really "messy" parts of the city after travelling in a roughly 4*4km around Roma Norte. Can't say much for the rest of the city!

My Spanish is still catastrophic although I start to be familiar with what people are telling me. So I get an general idea of what I'm being told and then find myself unable to answer further than really basic stuff.

Guys selling pistachios in the middle of the peripheral boulevards
What you can't see in the picture is that it was actually rather cold that day, probably 15 degrees C in the afternoon! 

We went for dinner with Erwan and Denise in the evening, great food again. Pineapple Tacos if I remember correctly, this with a soup and tortillas. And chili sauce, said to be very spicy although 5 years of spice training allowed me to have it "like a boss".

So that was a quiet relaxing day.

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