15 August, 2012

Day 42, 20km: Mexico City, Coyoacan

Today's objective was to do a last visit tour of Mexico City, with its Coyoacan district. The place actually used to be an entirely different city until Mexico's expansion reached it in the 1950s.

I went there with the intention to see the house where Trotsky live his last years, as well as Frida Kahlo's house (Mexican painter famous for her unibrow - I'm kidding).

Trotsky's museum
 The guy's name is really famous but I have to admit I knew little of his life prior to visiting the museum. The place didn't offer much biographical evidence, sadly. The only part of this life mentioned was the later, with the accent on his opposition to Stalin that eventually led to him being assassinated in that very house.

Now does that make him a "good guy"? I am not versed enough in the history of Russia to have an educated opinion about this. Again I refer curious readers to wikipedia.

The house itself is in the left part of the picture, the other quarters for guards and such
One thing is for sure, the man had dubious taste in furniture
The house living quarters, notice the watchtower on the upper-right corner

Next on the list, the house of Friday Kahlo, famed Mexican painter. No photos were allowed inside the house itself so curious will have to refer to wikipedia once more.

View outside the artists's bedroom
The house's garden
Now I have to say very simply that I miss being on the road. It's been 3 days in Mexico City which is a nice surprise of a city and its great being with my brother. But I start to feel the need to be back on the road.

Tomorrow we'll go to Teotihuacan, and the day after to the volcano of Toluca. That'll give opportunities to drive and see the suburbs and countryside of Mexico City!

Hope all is fine with you!

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