18 August, 2012

Day 44, 230km: Toluca Volcano

Mexico day trips, second edition! Destination today, the volcano of Toluca. 100km away and 1000m above Mexico City, that promised to be a fun ride.

And fun it was! Joining the party were Erwan and Denise by car and Guillaume (aka Guillermo south of the US border) on his bike.
A surprise guest for the day was a syrup-like, damp and cold fog.

We soon reached the city of Toluca, a stone's throw away from Mexico City. Once there I was given the instruction to find the volcano, since after all I was the one having a GPS.
Mr. Garmin was therefore solicited and did deliver his lot of non-existent roads, turns that do not exist and phantom roads. This is starting to become an habit in every single small town here in Mexico.

The Volcano's national park wasn't in the GPS either. I looked at Google Maps the day before so I pointed on the GPS screen, selecting somewhere on the map that would be in the general direction of where I remembered seeing the volcano.
Of course I didn't tell Erwan nor Denise that I just pointed randomly somewhere on the map. But it did the job and soon enough we were at the end of the road, up on the volcano's slopes.

The last part of the road was a 20km trail which was good fun on a bike, much less fun for a city car.

The bike on the crater's edge
 So here we're supposed to have a view of the 2km wide crater and its lake, 300m below.
All we had was a 3 degrees C fog and its assorted wind. But still hiking up there was fun.

Just don't get lost on the volcano slopes...
 Wearing a t-shirt, my jacket and a jean I was feeling pretty cold up there I have to admit! So I used my scarf as a hood and Erwan joined in out of pity for my terrible look.

No regrets! Thanks guys ;)
 Denise and Erwan offered to take some photos of me on the way down and that was very cool, first pictures that I can share of me riding on the bike. So there'll be a few below, going down the volcano's trail.

I'm cold, I don't want to go. Why do I have to do this?
Lets just hope there's no one coming in the opposite direction
The sky opens, the throttle goes up
Collin McRae? Sebastien Loeb?
Once back on the "land", we headed towards Mexico City. Erwan noticed the sign below and offered to translate.

Don't dump garbage here, you sons of sows
That's a clear and effective way to prevent having garbage on your land!
We stopped for dinner with a view on our way back to Mexico City and met again in the evening for a few drinks with Denise and her friend Betty. Friday night in Mexico City is ... busy! Everywhere was packed, but we eventually managed to find a car park and people kind enough to serve us beer.

That was a fun night, thanks to you all!

That would also be my last night in Mexico City, before heading east to continue on my way to Brasil.
Hope all of you are doing fine and enjoying your weekend.



  1. En fait c'est Denice qui l'a vu,le panneau, faut rendre à César ce qui lui appartient.

  2. Wow! still alive on Day 44. Don't forget to take carnival pics for me.


    1. Hello Tee, I will send you a special set of photos ;) Hope you're doing fine.