31 August, 2012

Day 55, 260km: Brain dead in Nicaragua

I was pretty tired from the last few days, with the heat, borders and stress of driving in countries with bad reputation. So I decided that there wouldn't be a border crossing today, and set-off for the south of Nicaragua, after spending most of the morning at the hotel.

So that wasn't a very ambitious day in terms of driving. I was still pretty tired when I took off and spent the first few hours brain dead on a boring road.

That woke me up!
 I didn't know this brand still exists! I have very blurred memories of drinking it when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and then never heard of it again. I thought it vanished and joined the cemetery of food brands.
 Seeing this ad triggered a -very- small reaction in my brain (not sure it would have showed up on a EEG).

Lunch break
 So I stopped for food shortly after. Light, short pulses of brain activity came back in the following hours.

For example when Garmin wanted me to go this way
 Just enough brain activity to figure out that Garmin (to be fair, OpenStreetMaps rather than Garmin) wanted to take me down this road for 50km while there was a highway parallel to it. My goal for the day being simply to make it to the next hotel, I passed and went back on the main road.

Hotel El Jardin, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
 Finally made it to the hotel. It was more of a Bed and Breakfast in fact, owned by a French-Belgian couple who started their business a few months ago. They didn't have internet (problem with the router) and I had absolutely no intention of finding out what was wrong with their router.
 So instead I took it as another sign I should take rest and went for a nap around 5pm.

Nice view on the way from the hotel in the hills
Well I woke up again at 9.30pm, so I probably needed some rest. Had a delicious diner at the hotel (really the place is worth a visit just for the food) and went to bed.

The next day, crossing into Costa Rica!
Cheers from a sleepy Guillaume

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