07 September, 2012

Day 59, 100km: Looking for shipment

After arriving in Panama City, I spent most of the next day resting at the hotel. In the afternoon I set-off for the airport, with hopes of finding and booking a shipment for the bike to South America.

Girag is company whose name comes back very often on Advrider and Hubb. They are said to be experienced with shipping motorcycles so that's where I headed. Finding the cargo terminal was a bit tricky, there's a sign to it that leads you in a small town. From there you basically follow the airport's fence until you see signs for the cargo terminal again.

Girag Panama, Cargo Terminal
 By the time I reached there and found Girag their office was closed. Hopefully there were a few people in the warehouse who were kind enough to help me book a shipment for the next day. Thanks a lot to them for their patience in dealing with my still terribly bad Spanish! :)

Panama Canal
Once the shipment was booked (the bike would fly the next day to Bogota) I headed to the canal's Miraflores locks which has a small museum about the canal and its construction. As always, the museum was closed when I made it there.

Came back to the hotel and looked for flights to Colombia!

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