07 September, 2012

Day 60, 30km: Shipping the bike

Took off early morning from the hotel! I was at the shipping company at 8am. There were very relaxed on the shipment ... didn't ask me to disconnect the battery, nor to empty the gas tank. Cool thing was that I could also load the bike with whatever I wanted.
So I took the chance to load it with all the stuff I wouldn't need on a plane (including the jacket, helmet, boots). Wrapped up all that under ridiculous amounts of plastic wrap and left the bike at Girag.

You'll be fine my dear don't worry
 That was another heartbreaking moment, she didn't even look back when I left ...

Take care little bike
I red many reports of shipment delays with Girag so I didn't really expect the bike to leave on time. My plan was to leave to Cartagena the next day, spend a day there then meet Daniel and Amelie (friends from Bangkok) in Bogota.


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