07 September, 2012

Day 61, 0km: Welcome to Colombia!

Flying from Panama to Cartagena was supposed to be simple and turned out to be a major pain in the a** due to booking issues.

After 6 hours at the airport in Panama City, struggling with various airport agents and hotlines, I was finally on my way to Cartagena.

Entering the country was kind of fun, the immigration officer kept saying "tranquillo" when I told her that I didn't have a hotel, that I didn't know how long I would stay in Colombia and that I didn't know from which town I would exit the country. That was nice :)

Made it there at 8pm, checked-in a small hostel in downtown (really a nice city with a walled old town full of colonial buildings). I intended to stay there for a day or two, until I got the confirmation that the bike was ready to be picked-up in Bogota.
Well the email I got from Girag was that I had to be at Bogota airport within the next day, before noon or the bike would be sent to the Colombian customs warehouse and getting it would be more difficult.

So in the end I spent less that 12 hours in Cartagena. Still, it was nice going there :)
No regrets!

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