07 September, 2012

Day 62, 50km: Bogota

Flew in the early morning to Bogota. Headed to Girag warehouse to pick-up the bike. Cleared customs and was free to go at 4pm, roughly 4 hours after landing in Bogota.

Strangely enough, the slowest part of the process was the shipping company and not the customs!

Made it to South America!
Then headed to Amelie and Daniel's appartment. I had the address and found the road in the GPS. Well it still took me an hour to make it to their place after I realized that what I put in the GPS was nowhere near their place.

We had a few beers and dinner, was great meeting them again :)
The city center is actually very nice, large clean avenues, lots of bars and restaurants.

But it's cold! 18C in the daytime and around 10C at night! Well, we are at 2600m so this explains that!

Went off to bed in my own bedroom in a nice apartment, with no need to check-out and pack the next day.
What a relief!


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