25 September, 2012

Day 81, 0km: Ready to go

Spent a week in Bogota after coming back. Thanks Daniel and Amelie for taking me around it was great being with you guys.

Bogota's Millionarios scored!
That was a very good time in Bogota, I think I can say I now know most restaurants and bars of the "Zona T" thanks to Daniel.

The beard is gone, couldn't go back with it ;)
It was hard to go back on the road after those 3 weeks of break. Mentally first (I love being cozy in an apartment as much -if not more- as anyone) and physically too, stopping gave my body room to declare itself tired.
So on that Sunday I decided that the next day, Monday 24th I would be back on the road. There was no particular reason, I just had to keep moving!

We bid farewell with Daniel, Amelie and Daniel's mother who arrived for vacation. Have a good time all of you, you deserve it!

Now back on the road, headed south. I'll try to be in Quito, Ecuador by the end of the week.

Cheers everyone, sorry if I turned some coffee breaks into disappointing moments. 
And don't worry anonymous, I'll be back with shitty news and horror stories soon!


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