25 September, 2012

Day 83, 305km: Steady

Woke up. Missed breakfast. Ha! The days where I woke up before the hotel breakfast seem so far away now. I'll have to bring them back, and fast.

Incredible landscape up there in the mountains
Leaving Manizales, I was in coffee-land. "Eje cafetero", the coffee triangle. Incredible landscape and mountains again. Now I now what a coffee tree looks like. And that it's called a coffea.

Garmin, or how to turn 15km into 45

 That's how the day started. Great curvy mountain road along the coffee plantations. Not quite the 15km highway it looked to be on the GPS.

Take a deep breath and relax
 I was still warming up. It's funny how after this 3 weeks break (I mean it's not that long!) some things are still fully automatic (packing, bike checklist, jacket checklist) and some things take some time getting used to again (taking pictures, proper planning, enjoying the day!)
Still, I managed to score an order + basic conversation with the waitress in Spanish today so that's a little victory. The food was even good!

My room for the night ... Thibault and Amelie I hope you're proud
I was in zombie mode today. Realized in the evening that maybe it's music I'm missing. Anyway. Made it to Cali, checked into my room "Pon Pon".
I'll try to sleep early, wake up early and generally be back into "going south" mode!


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  1. Susu Guigui!!!! J ai beau etre matinale,...j ai mal!!
    On te prepare une play list...tu vas pas etre decu!!
    Bisous. Aline