04 October, 2012

Day 90, 307km: Supermarket riot

Woke up in Pacasmayo, to the sound of the waves. Ha, feels good. Even on time for breakfast. Although breakfast in Peru is disappointing so far, I miss real bread. God I miss bread. Neither do I have a toaster. I looked for 12V/butane toasters but couldn't find any.

So anyway. Left Pacasmayo and realized the city was home to a massive, massive factory of some kind. I didn't investigate what kind, apparently they do something with rocks/sand.

Behind the beach in Pacasmayo
 Just as I passed the factory, I gave the finger once more! What a great way to start the day! This time it was to a motorcycle who was driving in the opposite direction in my lane.

And I was then back for more desert. I had the Cinematic Orchestra playing again. This music turns everything, even the bleakest stretch of road into an adventure of lyrical proportions.

All the while I continued to regularly give the fingers to trucks and buses trying to force me into the roadside.
The landscape was pretty cool, it flattened a bit and small islands such as the one above appeared in the distance.

Ha I remember that photo above very well. As I was crossing a small village, I saw a truck of unfamiliar appearance in the distance. It wasn't your typical truck and had two spare wheels in the back. Great, I thought, fellow travelers! I neared it, noticed the www.oasisoverland.co.uk sign across the rear of the truck and was excited at the idea of perhaps having lunch with them or something.

Passed them and waved, only to be greeted by a timid hand sign. You have to realize that the last traveler I saw was a motorcycle drive back in Ecuador so I was surprised and happy to see travelers again.
So I parked a few kilometers later, somewhere where there was sufficient parking for the travelers truck I saw in the village. Waited for a few minutes, hoping they would stop by my motorcycle for a chat.

I saw the truck coming, waved at them and ... they waved back, didn't stop.
I laughed it off, took the above photo and went back on the road.

In the evening I looked at the website and realized that Oasis Overland is actually a company organizing tours of various regions. When I realized that I remember thinking "Oh so they were tourists, that's why they didn't care" then thinking I was being a dick about it.
So anyway I didn't have lunch buddies today!

So I was back into the desert!

Made it to the port town of Chimbote. I met my friends in their big truck again, tried a last wave at them but they didn't see to care and headed another direction as I was parking near the sea to take a look at the view.

That place smelled like fish, really bad! There must have been massive factories nearby. Still it was a nice view, windy with waves crashing on the walkway.

There was a grocery store nearby so I stopped to stock-up on food. When I came out of the store there were probably half a dozen people around the bike. They were all excited to see me coming out of the store and started talking all at the same time, all really fast. I tried answering the questions I understood and happily posed for photos. At the end I thought I should have one too! So I asked one of the guys to take the above picture. I look at my best as always.

That was fun being the superstar of Chimbote's supermarket haha.
Then I was back on the road and into the town of Casma by 5pm where I checked-in for the night.

Buena noche,

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  1. that's nice to introduce us your girlfriend after so many months! ;-)