04 October, 2012

Day 92, 30km: Rest in Lima

Today was a quiet day. Long morning resting, then went of to BMW Peru for some maintenance on the bike. The next 5000km should be challenging, across the Andes, Bolivia, the Salaar de Uyuni, the Atacama Desert and then into Santiago.

So my dear friend Berta (I decided to call her Berta as she's a wide-ended German fraulein with a squint as illustrated below - and hey there are some pretty Berta too) also got some rest with a cleaning, new oil, cleaned and greased chain, adjusted clutch and new tires!

Look at this beauty. Coming down the Peruvian desert I went in the sand a few times for fun and that was horrible. With these bad-boys in the front and back that should make future encounters with sand much more enjoyable :-)

Tomorrow I'm off for a 3 (estimated!) days trip to Cusco from where I shall explore the Macchu Pichu and other stuff.

Cheers everyone,

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