08 October, 2012

Day 93, 299km: Last bit of desert, to Ica

So I left from Lima after a short stay there. Woke up early, had the best breakfast so far in South America (except at Daniel and Amelie's place of course!) at the Llaqta Hotel and left for the south with no real destination in mind.

Packing version 3, hope that's as big as it'll get!
 I had plans to meet with a friend of Julien (friend from Bangkok who I salute!) in Villa Hermosa, 30km south of Lima. It was a short ride and soon enough I was near the beach, enjoying the view from the house he's currently building there.

It was rather cold over there!
 We had lunch (ceviche, excellent Peruvian seafood salad) and I was then back on my way, Gred was back to building his house!

Hey Ju I thought you'd like to see that pic!
 Talking with Gred who's been living in and out of Peru for the past 5 years, he recommended me to stop at Huacachina, near Ica. He described the place as an Oasis in the desert, sounded promising! So I set-off to there.

Wineyards near Pisco
 The Pisco is a Peruvian drink, a kind of grape brandy. Comes from this town, apparently!

Headed inland shortly after Pisco
And I was surprised to see that the landscape was still a desert, even as we were a good 50km inland.
Played a bit in the sand with the new tires. It makes things possible but still really hard. The sand there was really deep. On the plus side, I got to leave some nice deep tracks where I powered my way out.

Look down, you can see Bangkok!
 The region near Lima is almost exactly the antipodes of Bangkok. So naturally I was waving at you guys when taking this picture. I'm sorry if I offend my Thai friends but I thought I'd need to show my foot to demonstrate that this was a picture of the ground.

Huacachina, an Oasis near Ica
 So Huacachina was indeed a little oasis in the middle of the desert. It was a nice place to stay for the night, with a small lake in the middle of the village pictured above.

And a massive dune next to the village
There were a lot of tourists in that place, with more or less a single road filled with hostels. They seemed to all belong to the same owner and practiced the same rates. I followed Gred's advice and went to Casa del Mar (or something). Went off to bed early for the long day ahead.


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