08 October, 2012

Day 95, 293km: Into Cusco

The night was cold over there! We were still at 3000m high and the hot shower definitely help put the body back in working condition.

We parted ways with Ricardo and his family. They offered to shoot a video of me on the bike as we drove along for a couple kilometers or so. I should get them by email later on and will share with you as I get them. Thanks guys, it was great meeting you.

Back along the river valley
 The destination for today was Cusco! Next to the famous Macchu Pichu, I'd probably spend a couple days or more there figuring out plans for the Macchu Pichu. I learned the previous night that it's not that easy to get to, that there's a train then a bus that brings you to the place itself. So my destination today was a campground in Cusco where I would probably meet other travelers and get more information.

But first, crossing of two mountain ranges!
 The road along the river was great, with occasional gravel sections where I blessed my new tires. They are getting worn real fast and will probably be good for the garbage when I reach Santiago. But for now, they're a blast to drive off the pavement.

Just went up from there! 
 As I went up, then down, then up again I started wondering what would our planet be like if there were only mountains.

Beautiful scenery and even a few peaks with snow
 Well first we probably wouldn't be 7 billion people. No vast plains to farm and feed that amount of people. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Second I imagine that plane travel would be even more developed than it is today. Maybe flight would have been discovered a couple hundred years earlier. Maybe spaceflight then would have been much more developed.
Perhaps for holidays people would hop in a space elevator, take an in-orbit shuttle to another space elevator and get down to wherever they intend to perfect their tan and cocktail drinking skills.
Or they'd go to the moon and enjoy the world famous "plains of the moons", incredible flat landscape absolutely unheard of on the earth.

That would be a fun planet to live on.

But we do have plains!
 So if I follow my reasoning, the above is the reason why we can't get into space for holidays (yet). Still, I couldn't blame the people farming up there as the place was very beautiful, reminiscent of northern Italy.

Cusco from the hills
 And soon enough I was in Cusco. The weather was cloudy and rather cold. We're at 3600m high here.

Made it to the campground around 4pm and started talking with the people here. No other travelers on motorcycle but mostly "overlanders" in their RV/pickup trucks. German, Swiss, Spaniards and two French families. A bit funny and friendly group of people.

Setup my camp, had a chat with everyone, tried to help here and there (IT guy!) and went off to bed early for a cold night.



  1. Ta tente c'est la bleue qu'on voit là?

    1. Dieu merci non! Tu peux la voir sur une des photos de ce jour : http://azimuth180.blogspot.com/2012/07/day-7-490km-into-alaska.html