10 October, 2012

Day 96, 8km: Rest in Cusco

Today was spent at the campsite in Cusco, getting information on how to get to Macchu Pichu and exchanging with people there.

We traded music, movies, GPS maps (invaluable!) and talked about our different adventures. I spent most of the day with the DesRev (link to their blog) and the Mistral (link to their blog) families, as they call themselves. Two couples with respectively 3 and one kid. Was a relaxing day.

Plaza de los Armas
Then I went for a quick tour downtown to snap a few photos of Cusco's historical district which is very cool. Also took the opportunity to refill my food supply.

The plaza's church
The Norton Pub on the left end of the building!
Near there I met a couple of Argentinians traveling on a beautiful red VW Combi. They were headed to Mexico. Suerte amigos. (link to their facebook)

They preserved the atmosphere of the city rather well as this street was only hotels and shops
The same plaza from another angle
Cool little streets lined with low profile shops and bars

Then back home at the campground we had a great BBQ diner together, my first really good meal since I left from Bogota...!
We shared travel stories and tips, that was a fun evening.

I also made plans to go to the Macchu Pichu. The easy way is by train from Cusco but that's really expensive. Alternate option was to drive across the mountains and get as close as possible to a small town near the Macchu Pichu itself (Aguas Calientes).
Went back to sleep in my tent for another really cold night, luckily I learned back in Canada the nested sleeping bags tricks, which was very useful again.

Cheers everyone,

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