03 November, 2012

Day 118, 155km: To Santiago

Today a short drive to Santiago, where I intended to do two things! First visit Pablo, a friend of Thibault who I met in Bangkok.

Brighton's restaurant decoration is pretty cool
Taking my breakfast in that place, I was looking at the decoration. Lots of "vintage advertising" which are really cool. Cigarettes, alcohol, soap, tea and a quantity of various products where advertised.
That got me wondering whether in one hundred years people will display advertising from the 2010s (the o'tens as they'll call it in 2112). I find the idea that today's photos of women showing how Mir washes whiter than white would be displayed in trendy bars a hundred years in the future hilarious. Although that would probably be videos rather than photos. Which is even more amusing.

Wine-yards along the way
The road to Santiago was quick, a massive highway that still offered some decent views as pictured above. Due to the previous night I wasn't performing at 100%, mentally or physically so the first hour was challenging :-)

Santiago's downtown and traffic
Santiago is a massive city, comparable in scale, infrastructure and "modernity" (if that means anything) to Paris. I headed to the "Plaza de Armas" which seems to be invariably the main square in Latin America.

I didn't know these still existed!
The Opera, if I remember correctly
From there I gave a call to Pablo, who lives on the outskirts of the city, in a beautiful suburb next to the mountains, complete with a river and little restaurants and bars. Great place!
My mission of the day was to drop Bertha at BMW for her 30,000km service, plus various bits that had to be fixed or replaced.
Luckily the garage was nearby Plabo's place.

You'll be fine Bertha, the doctors will take care of you very well
The guys there were really great and took me in despite the fact that I had no appointment, and guaranteed the bike would be ready by the next evening, before the assumption long weekend.
Overall BMW service centers have all been great anyway, always glad to see my bike in their shop and giving excellent service.
So with Bertha in good hands (I left them a lengthy checklist of things to check, fix or change...!) I walked back across the neighborhood.

So naturally I stopped for some shopping and bought an Aston Martin
Who am I kidding? I have no more money!

Nice are near the mountains, away from downtown's frenzy
We had dinner with Pablo at his place and headed out for a fun night outside, which left scars the next morning!


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