03 November, 2012

Day 119, 11km: Rest in Santiago

I rested at Pablo's place, I always love it being in an apartment, with SEVERAL ROOMS! And simply feeling at home, not like a hostel/campground guest.

Interesting stuff in Chilean malls
Picked up Bertha who was all nice, clean, with her street tires back on and - fellow F800GS owners this is very important - I changed the front suspension oil for an harder oil and this makes a GREAT difference. The "diving" of the front is significantly reduced and so the handling is waaaaayyyy better. It will be fun when I hit mountain roads that's for sure!

Look at her all clean and well oiled
 Enjoying a quieter evening at Pablo's place, with great views from there. Really a nice area in Santiago!

Lo Barnachea, Santiago, Chile
 Thanks Pablo for welcoming me like this, it was really great spending these two days feeling at home, and with excellent food!

Last night in Santiago then back on the road!
The next day I would be back on my way south!

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