03 November, 2012

Day 121, 334km: Back to the forest

Today I continued my descent of Chile. The intention is to get to Puerto Montt, which roughly marks the southernmost region of Chile (on the Pacific) and then cross into Argentina somewhere around there.
I decided to drive along the coast as much as possible, and started towards the city of Concepcion.

Dirt roads in the early morning, instant wake up!
If you're unsure of being completely awake, driving in the morning after a weird-dreams fueled sleepless night,  then how about getting on some dirt roads? With your street tires back on, yes that'll be more fun.
Well this is very effective at ensuring your full attention is given to your driving, I can tell you.

Then back on the coast
 At this particular place Garmin was telling me that the blue thing you see was actually land, extending 3000km to the west. I didn't want to contradict the poor thing and let him alone in his geographic delirium. I'm pretty sure the blue thing is the Pacific ocean and not land.

The road was beautiful
 And tricky. I hate shadows on dirt roads, because I'm not able to see what's in the shadow and that could be a patch of sand or a big rock for all I know. So I took it easy and slowly until I was back on pavement.

This region is actually pretty densely populated!
I was near Concepcion around noon and didn't stop there, the place didn't inspire me much with its massive industrial areas and heavy traffic. All this region was very densely populated, which made finding a place to setup the lunch restaurant very difficult! (The same applies for my Portable Ecological Evacuation Station - PEES, mobile restrooms)

Decided to call it a day when I reached the city of Canete, found a place, found a working ATM after trying every single one in the city (a recurring pain in the ass here in Chile) and slept early, the morning spent on dirt roads got me pretty tired.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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