05 November, 2012

Day 123, 0km: Rest in Puerto Varas

There's something really cool about being on vacation for a really extended period of time. You can do pretty much whatever you want.
The hotel I found the night before was pretty nice, I got upgraded because they were full and ended-up staying for $45 in a very nice room with view on the lake.

So this Sunday morning when I woke up I picked-up the phone, called the reception and told them I'd be staying one more night. See I don't care that it's a Monday. At all. Yet.

Puerto Varas main street
So I'm doing it just because I can. Also because it's nice not having to check-out, pack and load the bike. So an improvised day of rest. Since it was the end of the long weekend here in Chile, the city turned almost empty on that Sunday afternoon. Spent the day procrastinating  watching movies.

The city's square
Also perhaps it is that I don't want to leave Chile. I like Chile, but that's not the main reason. The main reason is that Argentina is likely going to be the last country on my trip (not sure if I'll have enough time to make it to Brasil). And so entering Argentina really means setting foot into the last bit of the journey. Which I kind of want to delay. Perhaps.

End of the $2 psychoanalysis. So I didn't do much and enjoyed the day of the Lord in Puerto Varas.
Tomorrow, Argentina!


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