15 November, 2012

Day 126, 581km: Endurance

After the last day spent fighting with the find, I was rather anxious setting off in the morning. I thought I'd try driving earlier in the day, and took-off around 9.

Patagonia. Flat.
The wind actually was much less strong that the previous day, or rather more constant, which made driving much easier. I was leaned into the wind all day but there weren't too many strong gusts sweeping me into the roadside, so that was ok.

This looks like a subway line map to me. Did I miss the stations?
I had a big question to settle in the first hours of the day. 3 weeks left on my trip. Which meant enough time to go to Ushaia, or Rio de Janeiro. Not both (unless I drove like a madman, which is already nearly the case).

There wasn't really a rational choice. Both places are attractive for what makes them unique in the world. Both are pretty remote for someone living in Thailand and so rather unlikely to be visited again anytime soon. So after trying to find a logical decision to this question of the day "Brazil or Patagonia?" I decided to simply go for what I felt like would be a better place to go to.

And that's Brazil. So, change in plans, I'm not going to Ushuaia anymore. The perspective of spending a week enjoying the warmth and life of Brazil seemed to me, at the time, more attractive than driving down and up again across Patagonia's emptiness (which is nonetheless enjoyable in itself).

So when I came to the junction between South (towards Ushuaia) and West (towards the atlantic coast) I took a turn to the west and didn't look back. Brazil, here I come!

The Falklands/Malvinas, a huge topic of national pride it seems
Heading west meant heading to Comodora Rivadiva, a city close to 600km away from Esquel where I spent the night. So that'd be a long day.

So flat. Terribly terribly flat, and the roads terribly terribly straight.
So it was beautiful but not exactly the most exciting motorcycle riding. Straight lines.

Wild steaks grazing in the pampa
One more to my collection
Oh god, a hill. Someone give me an oxygen mask!
After probably 300km of flat straight lines, the road took me to a nice, mountain-y lake.

The altitude was less than 1000m but it felt like a glacier lake - which it probably was anyway
When your car burns 300km from the next town, you turn it into a memorial
And now 35,000km! I guess there's around 5 more to go.
Finally going down to the coast
After driving for pretty much the entire day, I eventually neared the town of Comodoro Rivadiva, and was even greated by a few curves and hills. I deeply enjoyed them after 500km of straight lines...

Comodora Rivadia and the atlantic
And I finally got to greet the Atlantic Ocean! I avoided him on purpose while in Mexico, planning to see it only once I would be in Argentina. And here he was, in all his glory. The town however was rather bleak, serving mostly as a dormitory for the nearby oil fields. Find a hotel on a weekday therefore proved to be a challenge and it took me slightly under 3 hours to end-up in a shitty, overpriced place.

So I was glad to have finally reached the atlantic, but wouldn't recommend staying in this town to other people. Problem was the next town going north was 300km away. So I went off to bed early.

The next day, I would go NORTH, and keep heading north for the remainder of my trip, a massive change for the long way south.


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