15 November, 2012

Day 127, 440km: El Viento is back

How to put it. Some days are just terribly boring. Luckily I had very few of these days this far. Well today was one of these days.

And windy
440km of this. It took me an hour to do the first 50km, the wind was so strong that even driving at 40km/h (seriously) I was blown to the other side of the road / the roadside during strong gusts. That required a lot of concentration to stay on the road and not to end-up face first in a truck. Not very fun.

Even keeping the bike straight when stopping for a picture was hard. That went on for the first two hours and I eventually reached the incredible speed of 100km/h and passed the 6th gear for the first time around noon.

The rest of the day was slightly less windy, long straight lines across vast plains. Pretty boring.

Puerto Madryn
Eventually made it to Puerto Madryn, continuing my progression north towards Buenos Aires.
Enjoyed the view of the beach and off to bed early, exhausted by the windy day.


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