15 November, 2012

Day 128, 700km: The boredom

Ok so I will write it down for any other traveler who's considering Patagonia: Argentina's road 3, north of Comodoro Rivadivia (I don't know how it is South) is a motorcycle nightmare and you should avoid it. It's so flat that you can see the curvature of the earth, so windy that you'll end-up walking with your head leaned and so straight that you'll even forget curves exist.

Just don't go there.

Straight, flat.
See that straight line on the map?
Well yeah, it was straight in reality too. A 107km straight line. This breaks the previous record of 77km held by Baja California, Mexico!

So straight and windy your tires will have grooves in them
It's kinda hard to see but if you look closely the left side of the tire, where I scraped dust with my finger (the dark line going across the tire) you will see that about 1/3 into the tire from the left there's a small "step". Well this step was carved by 2000km of straight lines with wind coming from my right. Basically that's as if I had driven in a left turn for 2000km.

Yeah I know this is absolutely uninteresting. I'm trying hard to have something to say after crossing 700km of empty plains.

An old car, turned into a bird's nest?
Now the good thing about Argentina is food. Beef. Massive, delicious steaks available anywhere for cheap prices.
Now that I think about it, a massive piece of meat isn't really smart when you're going to drive on amazingly boring roads. Makes it hard to stay awake.
Still, it was worth it.

Look at that on the left! Trees! My god they look just like in pictures.
Nearing Bahia Blanca, it was great to see trees make their comeback in the landscape. The road stayed flat, straight and featureless however.

Bahia Blanca downtown
The town in itself was pretty nice, with cute roads like the one pictured above.
Found a cheap hostel and off to bed after a 700km day.

Guillaume, on the verge of dying of boredom with this road!

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