15 November, 2012

Day 133, 24km: Into Colonia, Uruguay

So, time to leave Argentina. After 10 days here, I'll be very honest it's a great country to visit, a much less a great country to drive a motorcycle in. Just ... too flat (for the part I've been to!). I probably missed great roads in southern Patagonia or maybe in the north but hey ... I'm on my way to Brazil!

The ferry to Uruguay
2nd time Bertha takes a boat. She wasn't seasick and didn't spill oil. Good girl.
The borders in Argentina are really great. Friendly and helpful staff, very quick and efficient. Doing the exit paperwork was a breeze. I didn't know what to expect with Uruguay, other than it's a safe country so the police and customs should be easy too.

The customs office at Colonia, Uruguay
Well it was easy, relaxed even. The officer took my information on his notepad (didn't even look at the bike) and after 5 minutes I was given a temporary import permit, valid for one year (that's a lot, every other country I was given 30 days). So yeah, Uruguay border is mostly non-existent!

Colonia, riverside. Rio de la Plata
 Colonia is right in front (north) of Buenos Aires, across the Rio de la Plata. The rio de la plata can be considered a river or a gulf, a massive 290km indentation into the Argentinian and Uruguayan coastline.

Plaza de Toros, former bullring
I was going to meet here in Colonia Arthur (who I salute and thank!), a friend of Fanny (who I met in Santa Barbara, USA), a friend of Amelie (who I know from Bangkok). Yeah I know this is a bit complicated but I was glad to meet him! That also meant I had the afternoon mostly for myself to visit the city, before meeting Arthur in the evening.

Discount Bank, la banque qui vous donne la banane
 I'm not sure exactly who thought that'd be a great idea to name a bank discount bank. Do I get 5% cash extra when I withdraw? That'd be great.

Nice little town of Colonia
 Colonia is a rather small, cute, peaceful village with a well preserved old-town along the river. That was a great place to spend the afternoon.

And also, many cafe and their terrasses! Yeah!
The mandatory beetle
View from the lighthouse
Another view. Perfecting my hobo look thanks to Movember
Met Diego and Linda (from Taiwan) up there in the lighthouse, we had a chat enjoying the view, was nice meeting you guys!
Met Arthur after his work (I'm hearing about this "work" thing more and more often I'll have to look into what this is exactly) and spent the evening with him.
Thanks for welcoming me!

Tomorrow, another relatively short driving day to Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city.


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