15 November, 2012

Day 134, 226km: Montevideo

So, November 15th ... Two weeks left in my trip. God, it's closing in so fast! Yesterday on the boat to Uruguay I talked to another motorcycle rider (who was with his car this time) and told me that Brazil's coastline is beautiful. Great! I'm in dire need of beautiful roads, it's still pretty flat in here.

Pretty good road from Colonia to Montevideo
 But the Uruguayan countryside is pretty, lots of nice little farms along the way and even a few curves!

Plaza de Independencia, Montevideo
 It was a short ride to Montevideo so I was there in the morning and took the chance to visit a bit the downtown, looking for interesting things. It's a really nice atmosphere here and there was a perfect 25 degrees C to go with it.

The supreme court
 So there's close to 4 million people living in Uruguay. Around 1.3 million in Montevideo. That's the sweet spot in my opinion for a city size. You have all the advantages of a big town and can be in the countryside in 20 minutes ...

Another plaza in Montevideo, still more terrasses, perfect!
 It being a morning on a weekday, the city center was rather quiet.

The city's harbour
The Rio de la Plata estuary
 Most of the city is spread along the shoreline, for a good 20 kilometers, lots of joggers, a few beaches, really a cool and pretty city.
Tomorrow, off to I-don't-know-where-yet, in Uruguay I guess, probably along the coast, which I hope will be beautiful.


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