20 November, 2012

Day 135, 256km: Uruguay's coastline

So the day started in Montevideo, Uruguay. The intention was to follow the coastline and get closer to Brazil, for a swift border crossing the next day.

The day started on the highway
I'm very surprised by Uruguay. I have to admit, I didn't know anything about the country (once again...!) and it turns out it's beautiful, the people are peaceful on the roads and friendly.
So I wanted to leave the main roads and drive along the coast, towards the first waypoint of the day, Punta del Este. A city that has been referred to me as the "Saint-Tropez of South America". Whatever that means.

Beautiful coastline
It felt great being on an empty two lane roads again. Plus coast road means curves. A very refreshing change after the desperately straight lines of Argentina.

No need to tell you it was windy?
Beautiful little towns along the way
So it was really cool discovering the country's coast. It's fun when you have absolutely no idea what to expect, and just drive randomly, happily surprised by beautiful places. That's the best part of the "no plan" way of travelling, definitely.

Along the way I saw this amazing RV. That thing can go anywhere. Plus they even have a 1200GS up there on the back of the truck! Incredible what money can buy these days. They had Swiss license plates but didn't stop despite my waving. :'-(

Citroen Mehari! There's actually a lot of them here, so cool.
Soon I reached the city of Punta del Este. It's beautiful indeed, with a peaceful bay protected from the wind. There's a lot of concrete towers but still it remains quiet and peaceful. I can't quite say if that's the Saint-Tropez of South America, since I've never been there.

Pretty marina
The bay as seen from the "jogging avenue"
It was still early in the day so I didn't feel like stopping there. I decided to push-on a bit and get closer to the border. Plus hotels would be cheaper as I got deeper in the countryside.

Back on the small roads
Eventually made it to a small city which name I've now forgotten, near Rocha. About 150km to the border with Brazil, that'd be a short drive the next morning.

Strangely enough, the city wasn't built along the sea but a couple hundred meters behind it...!
Wandering through the streets in search of a hotel, I met Reiner, a German guy travelling from Colombia to Brazil (his home is in Rio de Janeiro) on a 1981 F800GS! The same bike as mine, only 30 years older.
We had dinner in town and would spend the next few days travelling together!

Last update from Uruguay, last night in Spanish-speaking countires!
Buenas noches,

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