20 November, 2012

Day 138, 580km: Brasil offroad!

Today, a very exciting day. Since I left San Carlos de Bariloche, I have driven solely on flat roads. 4,000km of flat roads. That was quite painful, on a motorcycle, and borderline boring.

But today, the map showed mountains! Elevation! Hills! Going up and down! Curves! I was really excited after two weeks of flatness.

The name of the hotel was just ... great
We met another motorcycle driver, the hotel's manager. He was from Greece, and moved to Porto Alegre with his family to start a new life with his wife. Economical refugee from Europe. I'm feeling this is the kind of trend that will only grow.

The day started on the highway
 But soon enough we turned into Brazil's southern countryside, headed for the Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra.

Dirt roads!
Mountain dirt roads!
Mom, a massif de Rhododendron? (Francky this is dedicated to you too)
Enjoying the dirt road!
We met Felipe along the way, a Brazilian driver on his Super Tenere
Felipe didn't speak a word of English, nor Spanish. That made communication very difficult. Still, lots of greetings, hand shaking and a good atmosphere. I understood he was from Rio de Janeiro, but that's about it. Safe drive Felipe!

Enjoying the views on the canyons below from the mountain top
And then dirt road downhill
 Going down the "mountain" (we weren't high but still a 700m descent) on street tires in a mostly gravel road was challenging. Fun, but challenging!

As you will see in this short video. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh yeah, right, X'mas is coming
Seeing this decoration suddenly reminded me that X'mas is coming soon. In a month. I left in July and have been travelling mostly in warm countries so that really was a shock. A kind of "oh right it's time I start thinking about gifts for my family!" moment.

The day ended with rain
 As we came back on the highway for the last stretch of the day into Florianopolis, we were greeted by rain. Well let's say it helped clean the bike, my jacket and pants. Plus I got to show my beautiful boots-covered-by-plastic-bags technique to Reiner, visibly too impressed to express his admiration. That or too wet to give a fuck! (I realize this sentence is weird)

We finally made it to the beach on Florianopolis island
That was a late check-in in a small hostel in the north of Florianopolis island (reminded me of Phuket) and we went to bed exhausted but happy after a great day.

Cheers everyone,

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  1. C'est des hortensias par des rhododendrons ! enfin !