20 November, 2012

Day 139, 326km: To Curitiba

Today Reiner and I parted ways. He would stay a week or so in Florianopolis, while I was to continue north towards Rio de Janeiro.

It was great meeting you Reiner, hope you enjoy your time at the beach and your new life in Rio de Janeiro! Take care.

Florianopolis, a big resort-island-city
I have to admit that I also didn't mind the idea of ending my journey as it started. Alone. Well, with Bertha and Garmin, but they don't talk much.

Another view of Florianopolis
My destination was actually Sao Paulo. It being 700km away, and since the last day was pretty exhausting, I decided to split it in half and head for Curutiba.

Beautiful road along the coast
Then up some hills, with nearby lakes
Relatively heavy traffic of trucks and people coming back from a long weekend
Curitiba's Batel district
I was in Curitiba's Batel district early in this afternoon and took this opportunity to get a few things done that were overdue. Laundry, accounting and even a haircut.

The haircut was actually pretty awesome. I walked randomly into a place in a shopping mall and upon entering realized "oh fuck this is going to be expensive". But I was already grappled by two very nice ladies who escorted me to a comfortable chair where I was served coffee and cookies. What could I do? Nothing!

So I went on with it, and that was probably the funniest haircut I had.
The salon was rather big, perhaps 20 seats, with new, minimalist style furniture and lots and lots of beautiful women always walking around. And there were a handful of "stylist". Exuberant guys, walking around looking busy.

I stayed there perhaps slightly over an hour. During all this time there was never fewer than 3 people working on my haircut, that was pretty fun.
The stylist was on full steam, frantically cutting my hair. He was probably averaging three cuts per second for the entire duration of his "performance". I have to admit I was fearing for my eyes and ears.
He was going at it so energetically that he kept dropping his scissors and other tools. Now that wasn't an unusual event apparently, as when it happened assistant number 1 would pick it up and the stylist would nonchalantly extend his arm towards assistant number 2 who handed a new pair of scissors. Assistant number 3 would then carry away the pair of scissors that fell. Meanwhile assistant number 4 was continuously removing any hair that fell on my clothes or face.

As I couldn't contain my laughter, in came assistant number 5, the only English-speaking person in the shop whose job was to do the translation.
So there was in total:
- The frantic stylist, cutting my hair like a maniac, dropping his tools every 5 seconds in his hair-cutting-frenzy
- Assistant 1, tasked with picking-up items that the stylist dropped
- Assistant 2, tasked with replaced items that the stylist dropped
- Assistant 3, tasked with sending to cleaning items that the stylist dropped
- Assistant 4, tasked with removing hair that fell on me
- Assistant 5, tasked with translation

And I'm not even kidding.
The best part? Once his job was done, the stylist walked away immediately without a word, like a mysterious genius walking on towards his next masterpiece. Impressive.

So naturally I ended up paying more than for the room I was staying in. Totally worth it.

A freshly groomed Guillaume wishes you a good day!


  1. Show us your new baby face!

  2. Quand vas-tu jouer au Fuuuteboooool?

  3. we want to see the result for god sake! stop teasing show us the muletta!

  4. yeah let's see your new groomed look!