30 November, 2012

Day 140, 402km: Back to work?

Today, a special day. Special destination. My company has an office in Sao Paulo, a short drive from Curutiba (now you can guess why I had a haircut the day before).

The road for most of the day
Contrary to what is pictured above, the traffic was actually pretty intense. A big highway, with lots of cars speeding, trucks and frequent slowdowns / jams on the road.

Luckily when you're on a motorcycle traffic jams aren't too bad
So I didn't really have much time to take some photos, break or thing about the day ahead. I stayed focused, all the time thinking "I'm not having a accident after all these days, no way!".

Soon enough, in Sao Paulo
So you actually pronounce it "San Paulo" here. The Brazilian accent is pretty fun, I have to say. Very pronounced, too. I wonder if it sounds for Portuguese as Quebec's french sounds to French.

Back to work!
I stopped at our office in the late afternoon after reaching Sao Paulo. It was great seeing friends again and meeting new colleagues. Plus it helps me to slowly get back in a "working" mindset.

I asked for a Kalimero haircut, got my money's worth
Then I went a bit in the old downtown and finally back to my hotel. Traffic here is absolutely horrible, and it being the end of the afternoon I got to enjoy it fully. It sucked. But the city isn't too bad, even rather nice (on a scale from terribly-shitty to I-want-to-live-there).

Sao Paulo business district
Enjoying the sunset with the automotive fumes ha ... magic moment
Sorry I'm writing all this a bit in a rush, you'll understand why in the next few posts!


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