30 November, 2012

Day 141, 223km: Ilhabela

Woke up in Sao Paulo, I would meet my colleagues for lunch, they continue onto Ilhabela, an island not far away from Sao Paulo.

Cute streets in the downtown
Was great meeting you, thanks for your warm welcome!
After lunch and some time spent again in professional capacity at the office (hey it never hurts, prevents me from getting rusty!) I left for Ilhabela. I would go down the hills onto the coast, probably a nice ride.

Found a small road after an hour in the traffic and another on the highway
Going down to the coast!
I made a short video going down the coast. You can catch glimpses of the great view that the road gave. Oh and for those who wonder why I drive slowly, I have 1,000km left on my trip and zero intention to crash now!

I made it to the pier just as the 6pm ferry was leaving to Ilhabela. So one more ferry in the end Bertha will have been on a boat 6 times! It bet she isn't after of water anymore. Good girl.

Off to Ilhabela
Beautiful .. views
Checked-in and ready to rest!
Nice sunset from the hotel on the hills
It was all in all an extremely short stay in Ilhabela as I would leave the next day. Doesn't matter, it was nice and relaxing being there!


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