Border info

I found it very difficult before this trip to get information regarding border crossings. So to help other travelers, below is my own experience. Your mileage may vary.

Please note that I did the trip with:
- A French passport
- A Canadian bike
- A Thai driving license
Make sure to check in advance whether you require a visa for each and every country.
For French nationals, no visas required for the countries below as of 2012.

Canada - USA (July 16, 2012)
Crossed at Nelway (google maps)
The place was nice with ample parking and very quiet (10 cars a day said the officer there)
The officers were friendly and professional on both sides
The fees were $5 (I think) for USA departure. I changed all my money before so the officer waived it
There was no ATM
Insurance was not available there (My Canadian insurance covered USA)
No document copies are required

USA - Mexico (August 4, 2012)
Crossed at Tijuana
The place was after the border itself, turn right into Tijuana follow signs for Aduana. You can park there safely
The fees were MXN200 if I recall correctly
There is a deposit of US$600 for new bikes, paid at Banjercito and returned to you when leaving the country
Insurance was available there. Several places, I went to the one where they spoke English. Paid $60 for 3 weeks. Metropolitana, Circuito Bursatil 9031-301, Zona Rio (664) 682 8212
Copies of passport, bike registration, Mexican entry stamp and temporary import permit once you have it are required

Mexico - Belize (August 21, 2012)
Crossed at Chetumal
The place was nice, no hassle and safe parking
The fees were B$5 for fumigation.
There is a Banjercito office to get your deposit back in the building where they do the entry from Belize.
There was an ATM in the free-zone, located right after the border. On your left before parking at Belize immigration offices.
Insurance was available there. One place before the immigration offices (B$12/day or B$28/week) and another right after (didn't check the rates).
No document copies are required.

Belize - Guatemala (August 22, 2012)
Crossed at Melchor de Menos
The place was good on Belize side, ok on Guatemala side (not much parking)
The fees were B$37.5 for leaving the country
There is a deposit of GTQ160 for entering Guatemala with a bike
There was no ATM near the border. Money changers on both sides
Insurance was not available there
Copies of passport, bike registration, Guatemalan entry stamp are required


  1. Do you also have info on the other borders, South America?
    Somehow I can't find it. thanks

  2. Hey! Glad to see this blog is useful to some! How is your trip going?
    For borders in central and south america this blog is extremely useful
    Let me know if there's anything in particular you're looking for