Why this trip?

I have been working for 5 years in Thailand, in IT. There I caught the motorcycle virus thanks to my friend Max.

We did a dozen weekend long motorcycle trips with friends there and I loved it. In April 2011 with Max and Thomas who I salute we spent a week riding in the Ladakh region in India's Kashmir.
The amazing landscapes, the freedom and the excitement of the journey were so great that I decided to do it again.
Since then I've been reading countless stories of people driving in Africa, across Europe and Russia, across the Americas and slowly the idea grew that I was going to do it as well.

So why Canada to Ushuaia? Well I've never set foot in the Americas, so I though that'd be a good chance to discover a small chunk of it on wheels!


  1. you picked a great route and trip! Hope it was everything you hoped it to be...when you get back to our area let me know...I would love to have you over for dinner!

  2. salut guillaume
    j ai beaucoup aime ton blog , il est vraiment tip top , je voulais savoir si tu etais encore au alentour de vancouver ,ou si j avais un moyen de te contacter pour te poser quelques question sur ton trip
    je te remercie fabien